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June 2, 2012 /

Android 2.x WebView(Browser) Multitouch Issue

I’m developing a map application and run into the problem, that my Android (2.3.3) Phone <update>doesn’t support multitouch events in  WebView Elements does not completly support multitouch events in WebView Elements, I can pinch-zoom but the touches are not send to the browser so the map is zoomed like an image and the map application doesn’t reload the maptiles for a more detailed view of the map</update>. This problem is described in an Issue on and fixed in Android 3+. But I want to support devices lower then Android version 3 so i wrote a library that grabs the multitouch events sends it trough the Java-to-Javascript bridge and the Javascript part emulates the events in the browser.

After some bugfixes i will release that library so you can also support multitouch in your Android apps with WebView integration.

You can test your device, Android Version and Browser combination on this page.

Here is the reason why you should support Andoird 2.x devices.

<update>MTfix version 0.1 is released</update>


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